Friday, 22 July 2011


As I approach the scary possibility of leaving the nest and joining the madness that is university I decided I needed some inspirational resources. As a lover of design I wanted to find a big glossy book crammed full of interesting advertising campaigns that pushed boundaries and created new ideas and ways of thinking.  And as a 21st century teenager I googled it, naturally.
This is when I came across the book ‘New York Festival 17’- “New York Festivals 17, the annual compilation of award-winning advertising and communicative design from around the world, showcases the world’s newest and most exciting ideas in advertising. This perennially successful design compilation contains full-colour photographs of award-winning work from newspapers, magazines, billboards, web sites, and point of sale locations, including posters, packaging, photographs, and public service messages, and is a must-read for everyone in advertising, marketing, design, and corporate communications”.
This book does not come cheap, so as a student I will need to start scrimping and saving to buy this little piece of design and advertising gold but I cannot wait to purchase this and start learning more about the industry that I am so eager to join.

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