Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Recently I was searching the web looking for fragrances to buy my loved ones (and myself) for Christmas.
 On my search I stumbled across this interesting advert from Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is a known designer for producing ‘sexy’ advertising so initially I was not totally surprised by this advert. However on further inspection I discovered that the muscle man using an oversized bottle to cover his delicates was Marc Jacobs himself. To me this seems strange, as though his exploiting himself to sell his products.

However this advert did spur me on to go and smell the fragrance (which by the way is divine) I suppose the lesson from this advert is that sex does sell but most importantly the shock factor definitely gets you noticed. As we become more and more desensitised I wonder how far advertising companies will have to go to get our attention.

Who knows, the pages of our beautiful glossy fashion magazines could resemble Page 3 in a decade or so...

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