Friday, 17 December 2010


So, as Christmas gets nearer it is time to choose the cards you will be sending to your nearest and dearest.
And whilst I was looking over the selection my family received this year, a thought occurred to me; essentially the card you send displays your personal style. Whether you go for the kittens in Santa hats or a retro graphic print- you are letting the person who receives that card know what your taste in design is. I think it is a really big decision, especially since often the cards you send to some people are the only communication you ever have with them.
Personally, the cards above are my favourite for this year. They are from the V&A and can be purchased from the website (link below). I really love the graphic print style of these cards, it has a very retro feel. I have a lot of retro 50s inspired art in my bedroom so this would definitely display my personal taste in design very well.
Will you be thinking more carefully next time you purchase your Christmas cards?

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