Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Recently I have had the opportunity to do one of my favourite things, design. I designed a tray called ‘StakaTray’ for my client, who is coincidentally my mother.   My mother owns a company called The Future Perfect Company, her company sells well designed products for people getting older. My product provides people with the exciting opportunity to have set of trays with different surfaces for different purposes that can be personalised. This solves the need for familiarity and  need that arises as people get older, the StakaTray can be your dining  room table, your work space, your bedside table of a surface to play.

Once I had come up with this design, I got to design the advertising. I wanted to produce something similar to the postcard design that The Future Perfect Company so that it linked in nicely.
The back of the postcard: on the left hand side is the information about my product. I used the informal handwritten font as a way of forming a relationship with the costumer; this is the technique that is used on The Future Perfect Company’s postcard. On the right hand side are pictures of my product, I took screenshots of the Prodesktop designs at different angles to show the different aspects of the trays. The divider of the postcard is exactly the same as The Future Perfect Company’s, this is the details about the company. The slogan ‘Your Life, Your Choice’ is in reference to the personalisation aspect of the tray.

The front of the postcard: I developed my logo using ‘Dafont’ and added a solid box around it so that the logo can be easily read, underneath the logo is the website of my client. The different angles of the trays on the page and their positioning give the image an almost 3D aspect. I kept the background colouring neutral so that the trays speak for themselves.


My own design, the back.
My own design, the front.

Original Design by TheFuturePerfectCompany.com

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